The Trust will inform the public about Mary Seacole’s life and work through an expansion of the Seacole exhibition at the Florence Nightingale Museum, close to the statue at St Thomas’ Hospital.

In addition, the launch of the Young Seacole Ambassador initiative will appeal to a younger generation across the country, encouraging them to consider Mary’s inspirational qualities in the context of the modern day. There will be an essay competition for year 5 and 6 school students, asking them: ‘Who is your modern-day Mary Seacole?’ The competition will initially be open to children in the Lambeth and Southwark area, where the statue is based, with the aim of rolling this out nationally in the future.

The new website will also be used as a gateway for those across all generations to access relevant news articles and activities associated with the Trust’s programmes.

Diversity in Leadership

The Trust will aim to build an alliance between private and public sector organisations with a particular emphasis on supporting the NHS. MST will organise a ‘round table’ event to explore and share best practice in developing diversity in leadership initiatives, both in terms of identifying the issues and looking at successful outcomes. This work will be carried out in collaboration with England’s Chief Nursing Officer, Jane Cummings, on behalf of NHS England, in recognition of the significant BME health service workforce and their concerns.

Partnership with the military is a core element of the Trust’s programmes, promoting Mary Seacole’s links with nursing and the military.