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Each month, one of the Trustees, Ambassadors and sometimes guest authors, will be writing blogs to provide followers of the Mary Seacole Trust with further insight into the work of the Mary Seacole Trust.

Hope emerges from the ravages of war – two young soccer teams from Northern Uganda are vying for Gold today in the finals of the East African Chipkizi Cup that are taking place in Arusha, Tanzania today

The biggest youth tournament in East Africa is currently taking place in Arusha, Tanzania where boys and girls under the age of 20 years from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda are competing for places in the finals that take place on Sunday 19th December 2021. The tournament is sponsored by the Arusha based ‘Future […] Read More

Jean Gray

When I thought about writing a piece in response to George Floyd’s murder and Black Lives Matter, I had no idea where to start. Wouldn’t most people say they believe in fairness and equality? Thinking about my own personal history in relation to anti-racism, I would have to say that it started with my parents, […] Read More

The Legend that is Walter Tull – by David Bates

On this year’s Armed Forces’ Day (Saturday 27 June 2020) with most people in lockdown and some still social distancing there are few physical events but many virtual ones have been organised as you will see on the excellent web-site. Please visit at least one this weekend if you have the time or learn about […] Read More

Leading Through the Covid-19 Crisis – Karen Bonner

It is four years since the unveiling of the Mary Seacole statue in the grounds of St Thomas’ Hospital, Westminster, London.  The first statue of a named black woman anywhere in the UK, a symbol of diversity she strides purposefully (words of sculptor Martin Jennings) towards the establishment. We can draw parallels with Mary’s life […] Read More

Thoughts on diverse leadership during Covid-19 – Dr Habib Naqvi MBE

Diversity in leadership brings benefits for everyone – both employees and the users of our services. Diversity also leads to greater innovation, access to a wider pool of talent, and leads to a better place to work, with even greater impact. Yet, whilst the dream of equal opportunity for all has not yet come true, […] Read More

Colonel David Bates ARRC

With all schools and educational institutions closed except for key workers manning essential services higher and further education has moved off campus and into the ether! The current CVD pandemic has demonstrated the value of on-line learning and many learners and their teachers or tutors have been forced to use the medium or stop learning. […] Read More

International Women’s Day – Lisa Rodrigues CBE

Sunday 8 March 2020 – International Women’s Day – Institute of Jamaica, Kingston, JA. Normally I would celebrate International Women’s Day by joining a #MeToo march in London, meeting up with some friends or sending a few tweets. The Mary Seacole Foundation is a sister body to the Mary Seacole Trust. It is based in […] Read More

Joron Jimenez – How Mary inspires me

I’m Joron Jimenez; you can call me J.J. I came from a middle class family in the Philippines. My Dad was a businessman and my mum was a housewife. I always wanted to become a Lawyer when I was in my primary school, but I had a change of heart after a serious conversation with […] Read More

In Conversation with Jermaine Sterling

My grandparents arrived into South London from Jamaica in the late ‘50s, my nan coming from Mandeville, Manchester and my grandad from Kingston. Like many of my friends, I grew up in a single p  arent family. My mum worked extremely hard through my early years, and whilst I wasn’t a bad child, I was […] Read More

Eman Hassan – Why I volunteer for the Mary Seacole Trust

I have always been very heavily involved with charities and always keen to provide hands on support to those in need. To let you in on a little bit about myself, I was born in Preston (North West England) and my parents were originally from Iraq. Having visited the country many times, I have been […] Read More

Equality and Diversity and Human Rights Week

This week marks the eighth anniversary of Equality Diversity and Human Rights Week (#EQW2019), the national platform for organisations to highlight the work done to create a fairer and more inclusive NHS for both patients and staff. Diversity covers a wide area, ensuring that equality is reached across race, gender, disability and LGBT. Such terms […] Read More

Lisa Rodrigues CBE – What would Mary Seacole do?

We live in the strangest of times. As one of the wealthiest and healthiest countries in the world, right now, we might be taking action on climate change. We might be offering asylum to people from war-torn parts of the world like Yemen and Syria. We might be holding out the hand of friendship to […] Read More

Mark Douglas

The news lately seems to be full of articles involving race, racism, cultural and religious difference. Every time there is a debate or discussion it really resonates with me as I’ve had some unsavoury times in my early school days with regards to these topics. I was created in South London and grew up in a loving family. I went […] Read More

Colonel David Bates ARRC

November 2018 saw thousands of commemorations around the world with people and organisations marking the signing of the Armistice that confirmed a ceasefire between the Allies and Central Powers on the Western Front in November 1918. This was only the beginning of the end of World War I, or the Great War, as fighting continued […] Read More

Karen Bonner

In a year in which Great Britain celebrated the centenary of the act of parliament that granted the vote to some women, the 70th year anniversary of the National Health Service and the arrival of the HMS Windrush, I poise to reflect upon how these events have shaped my life. My parents arrived in UK […] Read More

Black History Month: Reflection without a mirror

There is much debate each year over whether there should be a focus on UK Black history during the course of just one month each year. Many people understandably consider that there should be a perennial acknowledgment without any specific period being identified. It is perhaps true that in time there may be less of […] Read More

Introducing a book about

Mary Seacole by Ron Ramdin

"Contains important lessons for those of us who care, and demonstrates why she was voted the greatest black Briton."
Church Times

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Introducing the Mary Seacole Book:

A STATUE FOR MARY: The Seacole Legacy
Edited by Lord Clive Soley and Jean Gray

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