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New Mary Seacole exhibit unveiled for Black History Month

Guests joined us at the Florence Nightingale Museum on Saturday 28 October to celebrate the unveiling of the museum’s new Mary Seacole exhibit.

The Mary Seacole Trust (MST) has partnered with the museum to create a theatre door showcasing Mary Seacole in her British Hotel. The door, funded by MST through a grant from the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity, formed an evocative backdrop for professional story teller Wendy Shearer. Wendy entertained guests with fascinating tales of Mary’s travels through many lands including her journey to the Crimea where she helped British soldiers. Wendy later invited younger members of the audience to view samples of plants and herbs that Mary is likely to have carried in her medicine bag.

The evening ended with a walk to the Mary Seacole statue a short distance away in the gardens of St Thomas’ Hospital, where Trevor told the story behind the statue.

As the sunset faded behind Big Ben across the river, the statue’s spotlight grew brighter, bathing it and the disc behind in light.

Trustees would like to thank all in attendance for their continued support of MST. It is with your help and support that we will fulfil our objectives of promoting the qualities that make Mary Seacole such an iconic figure.

MST’s Education Programme has been funded by an education legacy grant awarded to the Trust by the Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity.

Introducing a book about

Mary Seacole by Ron Ramdin

"Contains important lessons for those of us who care, and demonstrates why she was voted the greatest black Briton."
Church Times

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Introducing the Mary Seacole Book:

A STATUE FOR MARY: The Seacole Legacy
Edited by Lord Clive Soley and Jean Gray

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